I quickly wanted to share with you a super duper easy and fun “Kids Pizza” recipe. I recently visited a friend’s house, were we made these with the kids so I don’t want to take the credit… thanks Jess!!). It was so lovely, I have since had a go when I have had visitors. It does get a TEENY bit messy, but the results are worth it!


  • Pitta Bread cut in half
  • Tomatoe puree & tin of chopped tomatoes (you will need less than half) or passata 
  • Some mixed herbs
  • Grated cheese
  • Salami or ham or whatever takes your fancy – though the salami gave it a lot of extra flavour!

Get everything ready in little bowls. Mix the herbs, puree and chopped tomatoes together. Slice the salami/ ham into managable sizes. reheat the oven to 150C. Then give each child some spoons, a plate with half a pitta and let them make their Pizza:

  1. First the tomato sauce
  2. Then the salami/ topics
  3. Then the grated cheese

Our kids made about 4 pitta halves each, which they shared with their 1yrs old siblings. When the cheese is just melted take it out – dont make them too hot, else they will burn themselves!


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Now… I do love a bit of Carrot Cake, but suspect that most people have a carrot cake recipe already.

So here is a crafty carrot delight invented by my father: Apple & Carrot Juice!


  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Juicer

Peel and slice everything. Bung in juicer. Drink as freshly as possible! Doesn’t matter about proportions, just use what you have in! (You may prefer to sieve it, as there will be a little bit of brown “sludge”, but there is nothing bad about this and sometimes, you can let it all settle and then just pour the yummy bit). Very healthy. Very good. Very tasty.

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Ali Blogs: I like to think I do my *bit*… I make copious cakes for the school cake sales, I pass my kids old clothes, toys and books on to our lovely neighbours, I travel by public transport to work for an ethical kidswear brand, I cycle instead of driving, yet, closer to home, I am a little bit rubbish. I am a slave to my Blackberry….boooo.

And Family is important, and losing someone you love to Cancer should not have to happen to anyone… but it does.

Macmillan Cancer Support were fab with my family when my father was ill, truly fantastic. So when a girlfriend told me she was organising a coffee morning at school, I wanted to help too. I put my Blackberry to GOOD use, and we contacted a few of our likeminded friends at Organix, who sent LOADS of goodies to raffle, Union Roasted pulled out all the stops to send us Fairtrade Tea and Coffee, and a couple of Cafetiers to raffle too, Green Baby (I heart) donated a goody bag full of organic skincare and baby shoes, and Cafédirect sent a big box of coffee and hot chocolate too. Oh and RedTedArt donated a lovely raffle prize to the party (Maggy and the famous *Pip Squeek* popped along to eat cake and try our coffee too).

We had so much fun, raised over £250, and even the local firefighters joined in the fun, as we delivered home baked cakes and freshly made filter coffee to the station (for which they donated very generously. thanks boys x)

So raise your (coffee) mugs, let’s thank all of those who *give*.. oh, and remind me to spend more time with my family please ;>)

If you would like to follow any of the above lovelies on twitter, here are their links:
@organixbrands , @unionroasted @LondonFire, @redtedart, @greenbaby_uk, @cafedirect_hq, @macmillancoffee @macmillancancer

Now, I know that Green Mum (aka Ali) is a Veggie and maybe I shouldnt be posting Chicken dishes on the Goodlife, but this is such an easy and quick recipe, it is really worth  to know: Lemon Chicken.


* Chicken thighs and drumsticks

* Soya Sauce

* Juice of one lemon (fresh lemons really are better than that funny bottled stuff!)

* Rice

* Choice of side dish vegetables (we like broccoli with it)

  • Preheat oven to 180-200
  • Put chicken in an oven proof dish
  • Cover liberally with soya sauce and lemon juice
  • Put in overn for around 45min – or til crisp. Occassional pour juice over chicken with a spoon
  • Cook rice & veg as per instructions

Enjoy. The kids love. We love it. Only “but”, is that I am concerned about how much salt soya sauce has, but as it is so yummy, I quickly forget that!

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Ali blogs: So another birthday, a little party, and some lovely pressies, but – is it just me? – do my children not enjoy writing thank you letters?

plain cards and dinosaur cutoutsI decided to turn a chore into a fun crafty afternoon, so tracked down some blank greeting cards on the web, and dug out some glitter and some purple paper and got busy!  6yo asked me to cut out some purple dinosaurs and monsters, which he then glued and glittered to his heart’s content.

Tip: Fold the coloured paper over a couple of times, so you can cut out x4 dinosaurs at the same time (@incredibusymum)

I said, “ah, I like making  things with you” and he said “yes Mummy, it makes me happy too” which ultimately was what it’s all about eh?

and lots of cards!

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Here is a super duper quick and tasty recipe to keep everyone happy. I THINK I first saw it on Mumsnet, so I reall don’t want to plagerise:


  • Frozen Puff Pastry
  • Spinach (fresh or frozen)
  • Courgettes
  • Pesto
  • Parmesan
  • Pine nuts
  • Pepper to taste


  • Roll out the puff pastry
  • Add layer of pesto
  • Add layer of defrosted frozen spinach or generous portion of fresh spinach (remember spinach reduces significantly)
  • Slice and add a layer of courgette
  • Sprinkle pine nuts
  • Pepper
  • Add a bit of parmesan in the last 5min of cooking

Place in oven at around 180C for 30-40min. Check on it, when corners go brown, it is ready!


Hope you like it!

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ouch pin in footAli blogs:

OK, so, short post as I wanted to share this with you. A conversation between @RedTedArt and @giftwrappedandg today reminded me of the pain….

My mum always said, “don’t walk around with nothing on your feet, you’ll tread on something and hurt yourself” so I more or less  got away with ignoring this, until I was pottering around in the bedroom, stood on a sewing pin, ouch, that hurt….

Looked  down, saw half a pin on the floor beside my foot, and seeing no evidence of the other piece, presumed it had pinged-off somewhere in the room.

Wrong…. I proceeded to walk around on what I thought was a ‘bruised foot’ for about two weeks, and finally the doctor sent me to have an X-Ray – look! a pin, embedded so deep into my throbbing foot, that I had to have an operation to remove (with gas and air – ah THAT took me back…)

…. the post-Op PAIN was so bad, I thought my foot would fall off – worse than childbirth:) I can say that, I’ve had two with ‘only pethidine’ (which I craved during the little tiny foot Op).

SO the moral of the story is, do as your mum says, put some shoes on!



Ali blogs: So, we decided to make some Papiermâché hot air balloons… that’s how it started out, all good intentions. that swinging meteoriteSo 7yo being the possibly more crafty of the two (yep, the 5yo is crafty in other ways, say no more) got stuck right in…. paper mache glue
1) We made the glue:  mixed one cup of flour, and two cups of water, and a teaspoon of cinammon (that way it smells nice too)  2) We ripped the newspaper into strips

3) 7yo took off his brand new Green Baby hoodie as he didn’t want to get it mucky

4) We pulled each strip through the ‘glue’ and let it drip back into the bowl (AND all over the garden too, much to SAHD’s delight)

5) We layered and layered until the balloon (OH, I didn’t mention that bit did I? – blow up a balloon, and balance it on a bowl to stop it blowing or rolling away) was covered in paper mache.

Then we had to leave it to dry for a day (which is where 5yo lost interest, so I’d say stick with one layer if you’re not bothered about keeping the masterpiece for ever!) We learnt an important lesson here, on Day 2 when we went back to add another layer, 7yo’s balloon had shrivelled, but we layered on some more paper mache…. MISTAKE, with no balloon inside to hold it’s shape this happened… It collapsed.

Not to be out-witted by the wilted balloon, 7yo spun it round (phew, was waiting for a tantrum) and said he would make it into a meteorite – which is what he did!  Job done….

Thanks to Maggy at RedTedArt for continuing to encourage us to ‘get crafty!’

7yo with his ‘meteorite punch-bag’ hanging on the washing line

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A post from my mother! For those, that feel like giving up. There is hope. Keep persevering. The photos are the flowers in question! Lovely, aren’t they? So pretty! So positive!

When we moved into our home, 4 years ago, the front garden was bare of flowers and full of garbage.

First year, I planted flowers and they were trampled or stolen…I pick up garbage every day.

Tons of it, cans, left over hamburgers, grease papers, Timmy’s cups, empty cigarette packs plastic bags, fliers, you name it, I picked it.

People told me not to bother, as it was a bad neighborhood..

I said, gardens change people.

Each year, I had more flowers and less garbage…

Today, I was looking out the window, and I saw a passerby stop and look at the first Spring flowers, then, he bended down and pick a little piece of garbage…

I smiled.

I thought of 2012. There is hope.I smiled even more!

(PS English is not her mother tongue)

Muffin anyone?

Let me begin by saying: THIS IS NOT MY RECIPE! I found it on the internet one day and now have no idea where it came from! It is however a “staple” in our house and Red Ted (2yrs) and I regularly make these for ourselves, our neighbours, friends and family!

They take 10min to prepare! And are delicious! Not sure how well they keep as they contain yoghurt – am pretty certain that they didn’t freeze well. So they are great for sharing and will make you popular!

Great for little hands: Red Ted gets to “empty” the pots in the bowl and he has his own spoon for mixing (and licking). He also gets a small plate of fruit to taste..

Use the Yoghurt Pot as a measuring device!


1 pot of yoghurt (any flavour, but I try and match with fruit – so if I add berries, have a berry yoghurt)

3/4 pot of sunflower oil (less is more)

1 egg

1 pot of caster sugar

3 pots of self raising flour

1 pot of fruit (we always have frozen raspberries or blueberries in freezer – cheaper and handy!)

Mix in the order the ingredients are listed.  Put into muffin trays. I often keep 12 berries aside and put them on top. Bake for 30min ish at 180C. Enjoy!

“The tots100