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Oh my word… I almost wish I hadn’t discovered these:  Fruit Yo Yos.

Fruit Nibbles My kids LOVE fruit… but you know what fruit sometimes end ups looking like after it has knocked about in a bag for a few hours: squished and squashed and bruised… and then they don’t want it anymore… or… you either  have an overflowing bowl of fruit or the bowl that is quite empty – never quite the right amount.

So.. these fruit Yo Yos are simply fab. They are fruity. They are delicious and I have to say “they look great” (rather important to kids, I fear).

I wish I hadn’t seen them as I will now be spending a lot of money on them *sigh* 😉

Oh and what is even worse. Not only are they tasty, look good and the kids love them… but you can bake with them!

Ok so this isn’t my photo (ours got eaten and didn’t look *quite* as pretty) but you can make SCONES:

Or.. you can even add it to porridge! Now my lot eat fruit, but they don’t eat their porridge, which they really need for a hard days play.. so these are perfect.

Dear Bear.

Please please please send me a year’s worth of free supplies.

Thank you.


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Muffin anyone?

Let me begin by saying: THIS IS NOT MY RECIPE! I found it on the internet one day and now have no idea where it came from! It is however a “staple” in our house and Red Ted (2yrs) and I regularly make these for ourselves, our neighbours, friends and family!

They take 10min to prepare! And are delicious! Not sure how well they keep as they contain yoghurt – am pretty certain that they didn’t freeze well. So they are great for sharing and will make you popular!

Great for little hands: Red Ted gets to “empty” the pots in the bowl and he has his own spoon for mixing (and licking). He also gets a small plate of fruit to taste..

Use the Yoghurt Pot as a measuring device!


1 pot of yoghurt (any flavour, but I try and match with fruit – so if I add berries, have a berry yoghurt)

3/4 pot of sunflower oil (less is more)

1 egg

1 pot of caster sugar

3 pots of self raising flour

1 pot of fruit (we always have frozen raspberries or blueberries in freezer – cheaper and handy!)

Mix in the order the ingredients are listed.  Put into muffin trays. I often keep 12 berries aside and put them on top. Bake for 30min ish at 180C. Enjoy!

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